Tuesday, February 1, 2011



A New Year

I haven't been blogging for quite some time. been quite busy lately. exams, moving houses, work, etc etc.

lots of stuff have happened during the past few months. "interesting" and unforgettable.

work is quite OK. my probation will be over pretty soon, in just about a week's time. fast huh? i would have been working for half a year then. by now, i'm used to the life of waking up at 6am everyday, depart to work around 6.40 and reach the office aroudn 7. ever since i moved to this new place, even though i depart at the same time, i would reach the office about 10 minutes past 7 due to the heavy traffic in toll and traffic light areas. luckily there are still parkings. if not, i would need to pay an extra rm6 everyday, and that sucks!

i remembered i had a very unlucky year last year. to list down, first, i had my leg fractured; then due to the stress, i had pimples all over my face during my sister's wedding; i lost my purse on the 4th week of my first work; i crashed into a car sometime in november. how "lucky" was that? i hope this year won't be so bad. at least it started quite well? i moved into my new house on the 1st day of the year. so that should be a new start.

my december exam went quite well for me. but until the results are out, i wouldn't know what i had done. well, i always got disappointed when i have my hopes up. so this time, i will let it be. in fact, as soon as i returned to work, everything about exam was auto-deleted. my mind had nothing about exam until last week, i dreamed that i failed very badly. great...

my birthday was okay, except for that fact that i had to WAIT overnight in GENTING, outsing the casino, doing absulutely NOTHING, waiting for one stupid guy to fulfil his selfish desire. we got conned actually. a reminder and an advise-a gambler's words are not to be trusted. EVER!

christmas was not bad too initially. my best friend came back from australia and stayed with me. i met a few new friends through her. we went shopping and singing. first day of shopping was quite dull. not knowing why, my shopping mood wasn't there. but second day i went back with my pocket almost empty. bought a pair of lady bug slippers, caterpillar slippers and a dress. however, almost half of the money was spent on a very unhappy singing k session. again, it was ruined by the same person. impression on that very person is damaged completely, until a stage that i don't want to see him. i have never met someone so thick faced. one question, will a true friend cheat his own friend? no full details here as it is quite private. however, there's only one thing i would like to say-if you want to be my friend, make yourself worth befriended. cheat on me once, i won't feel sad over losing a friend as there are many others who are worth being my friends.

at least something more exited happened last weekend. i had my very first company annual dinner. even though not as thrilling, it was quite an experience. we had it in Pullman HOtel in Putrajaya. i participated in the dragon boat competition. even though my team lost, it was a good experience. in normal days, where to find 19 person to make up one team? however, now i suffered extreme ache in my muscles. good chance to become fit? haha! anyways, the hotel was superb. i had a jackuzzi in my room. however...there was no curtain to cover it. i was to go in, either i wear my swimming suit, or naked and i was staying with my manager. so...forget it. also for the toilet, it was transparent, except for the shower. we guessed that the rooms are made for couples, like honeymoon? it would be nice for the couples, to skinny dip in the jackuzzi. XD

skipping the other parts, i went home exhausted, spent. i slept the whole afternoon, skipping lunch, until dinner time only i woke up, and still feelign sleepy. my brother and his gf came home and went out again and i didn't even realise. after had my dinner, i slept again. i really didn't feel like waking up this morning. but no choice, i had to work....but i guess i'm more fortunate than my colleagues, who had to fly to phillipine today...

time to sleep. that summarised a bit on recent happenings. will come back again soon. ^^

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